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Crystal Hawk   M.Ed.
CRYSTAL HAWK, A.B., M.Ed., is a Gestalt psychotherapist/educator and Therapeutic Touch practitioner in private practice. She has been teaching Therapeutic Touch since 1980, studying continuously with itís developers, Dr. Dolores Krieger and the late Dora Kunz, at their Advanced Invitational Healers workshops. She co-founded "The Therapeutic Touch Network (Ontario)", presently serving on its Practitioner Committee; she is a Recognized Teacher of the Network and a Member of its Teacherís Collective. Crystal also co-produces the Annual Therapeutic Touch Retreats in Ontario for advanced practitioners. She has appeared in a CBC-TV national science show, hosted by David Suzuki, entitled "The Mystery of Mind" and was interviewed on several national Canadian TV shows: "Doctors on Call" and "Jane Hawtin Live". She was awarded an Honorary Life Membership in The Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International, Inc. (USA) and is a recipient of their Founders Award. She served as their Research Chair for four years and is recognized as a Qualified Teacher of that organization. Crystal has taught various aspects of Therapeutic Touch and Imagery extensively across Canada. She has also taught at conferences and retreats in Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont, as well as in London (UK), Moscow (Russia), Tbilisi (Georgia) and Denpasar (Bali).

For the past several years she has been incorporating Energy Psychology into her practise and has been teaching EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - and TFT - Thought Field Therapy in many locations and at conferences. She also successfully works in this modality by phone.

In 1980 she developed a Migraine Pain Control Program. Originally she taught workshops with groups of 30 migraine persons. In several cities in Canada she also taught professionals to teach this Program. In 1986 she collaborated with a Toronto family physician, Dr. Mel Borins, to teach this Program in a Toronto High School. This Feasibility Study, sponsored by the Department of Community and Family Medicine, University of Toronto Medical School, was published in the Canadian Family Physician and is posted on this site. Presently Crystal works with migraine people individually. Her booklet, "Migraine Pain Control", which can be ordered from this site, explains the Program and gives step by step directions to put it into practice.


A personal mesage fron Crystal about her program:

"Many years ago I had a friend who was also a migraine person and this booklet grew out of that friendship. I had known her for many years before she shared her history of migraine headaches. I knew her as an athlete, sailor, tennis player, nurse, mother, wife and in recent years, as a marathon runner. She was open-minded, always reaching out to learn something new about nursing, health care and human relations.

Because of her nursing background she had up-to-date information about how our bodies operate. Her training as a marathon runner was based on her appreciation of the close interwoven connection of her total self - her physical body, her mental attitude and her emotional feelings of optimism. And yet she had these devastating headaches!

More and more the migraines started to impinge on her life and on our planned activities together. We would plan to play tennis and quite often she would not show because of her headache. We would plan to go to a movie and, again, she would be unable to attend. Her migraine episodes were now coming about one a week and I became aware of how they ruled and restricted her life and that of her family.

I had a difficult time thinking of her as a sick person. It was impossible for me to believe that at some deep level she needed to punish herself with this terrible pain and put herself out of commission. I knew her too well to believe that! I often suggested things that she might do for her pain such as relaxation exercises, positive thinking and things of that nature. She never stuck to anything and now I know that migraine people are often too discouraged to try something new. They've been disappointed so many times in the past.

A migraine person needs to understand and accept that they need some special skills in order to live their lives without the devastating pain of migraine.

A migraine person needs to follow a total carefully-worked out and proven program.

They need to know in advance that they will get results. 

After only one week on this Migraine Pain Relief Program my friend phoned me to say 'I haven't had a migraine this week'. The following week she phoned and said again, 'I haven't had a migraine yet!'"




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